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Too much use of a mobile phone, a woman temporarily loses sight of one eye

A Chinese woman temporarily lost her eyesight in her left eye after using her smartphone all night, according to reports compiled by Fox News. Her name was not disclosed, but according to the doctor treating her, the problem was the excessive stress that resulted in a ruptured vessel, effectively creating blood pockets that blocked their eyes.

"The patient was awake all night playing on his mobile device," said Dr. iuiyu Wangjian, a doctor at the Songong National Hospital, who was treating the woman. "The next morning he woke up, picked up the phone and started using it again. About five minutes later, she discovered that she was unable to see her through her left eye. She saw nothing. “

The laser treatment created a small hole in the patient's retina, allowing her blood to flow and restore vision. "It was important to get treatment quickly so that it did not suffer any long-term side effects," Wangjian said.

Picture showing a patient's cracked vessel: the darkest spot consisting of blood that blocks vision due to the continued and excessive use of smartphones (Picture: Reproduction / AsiaVir)

The overwhelming use of the smartphone in the nocturnal – or dark environments, whose only light source is the device display – already has several documents and studies that catalog it as harmful to the eyes. According to a study by the University of Toledo, so-called "blue light" can not only cause the same problem experienced by Chinese women (known as "Valsalva retinopathy"), but is also attributed to a major source of toxic molecule factor, which can lead to macular degeneration.

Cases of eye problems can be traced to overuse of smartphones. Symptoms such as insomnia, dry eyes, headaches and eye strain all relate to the continued use of mobile phones. Today, some models have a kind of "blue light filter" to alleviate the symptoms. But of course, no one counts on someone using the display to play on the device for hours and hours at a time.

Source: Fox News

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