Sunday , October 17 2021

Time is not over: Marocas saves Emilio's life

The Time Not For: Marocas saves lives Emilio - Komunikat prasowy / TV Globo / Time Not For

Even with anger Emilio (João Baldasserini), mainly because of blackmail, who suffers, Marocas (Juliana Paiva) should be responsible for saving the life of the villain, this Thursday chapter (8) Time No, current novel from 7:00 pm Globo.

All because the protagonist finds a way to stop a professional assassin employed by anyone other than Baron (Rui Ricardo Diaz) to end the life of the current fiancé.

See the full summary of today's soap opera:

Marocas tells Florencio that this is not compatible with any form of violence. Vanda tells Samuce that SamVita accounts have been blocked to pay for laudems. Cairu accepts work as a model in the Marocas clothing collection. Samuca suggests Carmen that they provide personal reserves to pay for employees. Baron orders Florencio to finish Emilio. Belém asks Emilio to give up. Dom Sabino announces at the SamVita board meeting that he is the new shareholder of the company. Sabino's house assumes Carmen and Marocas that he made a mistake by trying to separate his daughter Samuca and reveals that he wants to help Samvita get up. Marocas tries to prevent the matador employed by Baron from taking Emilio's life.

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