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This Saturday, BLUE makes its first tests with the A320neo in Santos Dumont


Airbus A320neo Blue

The Airbus A320neo from Azul, PR-YRW, was spotted on Saturday afternoon, November 16, 2019, performing tests preceding its operation at Santos Dumont, Rio's most central airport in Rio de Janeiro.

Within two hours, the planes, departing from Galicia, performed testing, touch and rush approaches. Although the plane has already landed, it is possible to consider the entire flight path in FlightRadar24.

Air bridge and routes with A320neo

In August 2019, Azul announced that it would operate this 174-seat Santos Dumont aircraft model and expand Azul's participation at the airport or Ponte Aerea or other routes.

In 2014, Azul signed a purchase agreement with Airbus for 35 A320ne Family aircraft. In addition, the airline has committed to leasing 28 A320neos from GECAS and other lessors. The A320neo was chosen for its efficiency and the short Airport Package (SHARP) implemented by Airbus, improving the performance of take-off and landing at large airports in the short term, such as Santos Dumont in Rio.

The A320neo's economy allows Azul to make the most of its connections to the biggest destinations in the North and Northeast of Brazil in the highest times in an extremely efficient way. Integrating this aircraft into the fleet was seen as an important step in the company's modernization and growth strategy.

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