Thursday , September 24 2020

The Xiaomi patent shows a smartphone much like the Motorola Razr


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Motorola officially launched the Razr 2019 dawn on Thursday (14th), with a nostalgic design that combines classic V3 features with modern lines and finish, plus an Android system and large screen. The first flexible vertical on the market has barely arrived and it seems that this is already a trend.

In addition to Samsung, which introduced a similar concept, the Xiaomi has a patented flip style model, which closes the screen inside and is half full. unveiled the record made in August 2018 and released last month.

Vertical possible overlap with Xiaomi, possible layout (image: Reproduction /

Like the Razr, Xiaomi's patented device also has a smaller external screen, where you can probably see notifications and maybe some other system changes. In the lower outer half, there is a double set of cameras. That is, this secondary display is not useful for selfies offered by the Razr 2019.

There may be a front camera on the edge of the display, but the design doesn't make it very clear. Circles can be other sensors. But it is very likely that there is at least one selfie camera, as it is difficult to imagine a smartphone in (practically) 2020 without the possibility of taking self-portraits.

In addition, it is always worth remembering that the fact that a patent is applied for and granted does not mean that the product will hit the shelves. Xiaomi has already shown a prototype switching smartphone in 2019, but has not yet confirmed the release of such a device.


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