Wednesday , January 27 2021

The Uplay + gaming service is now called Ubisoft + and will soon have a beta version of Stadia and Luna

The French developer is giving up the name Uplay forever

Ubisoft is giving up the Uplay name forever. After announcing that its computer program would be called Ubisoft Connect, the company changed the name of its subscription gaming service, Uplay +. From now on, the platform is officially known as Ubisoft +.

The move follows Ubisoft Connect standards and aims to show that the service is not limited to PCs – Eletronic Arts did something similar to EA Play later this year. Uplay + was launched as a PC subscription, but the French company will soon expand the platform.

Uplay + will be replaced by Ubisoft +, but the operation will be the same. (Image: Ubisoft / Screenshot)

According to Ubisoft, the platform will enter beta in the streaming services Google Stadia and Amazon Luna in the coming months. The catalog will be integrated with the services and, with the subscription, the user will be able to forward the titles or download the games directly to the computer.

The Ubisoft subscription will arrive first in Luna on November 10. The Amazon service works with content channels, similar to what happens in Prime Video, with a basic catalog of $ 5.99 per month and support for solutions like Ubisoft +, which costs $ 15 per month.

The Ubisoft platform has already been confirmed to Stadia since the announcement of E3 last year, but implementation has not yet taken place. According to the French company, the integration with Google’s cloud gaming service will take place by the end of the year.

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The PC version of the French developer’s gaming service runs via Uplay, which will be replaced by Ubisoft Connect on the day of the launch of the Watch Dogs Legion. Ubisoft’s new platform also has support for shared rescue, ensuring that the player can upload their progress to either consoles, PC or cloud.

Like the Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft Connect has a catalog of more than 100 games and also gets titles made by the French developer on launch day. Additionally, subscribers can access additional in-game content, such as DLC and Deluxe versions. Unfortunately, the service still cannot be signed in Brazil today.

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