Saturday , January 23 2021

The state launched a campaign against influenza vaccination and called a priority group – Horizons

"Influenza is a serious disease. With this motto, the Minas Gerais government launched a vaccination campaign against influenza. From the 10th of this month to May 31, primary health units, who have already received 60% of doses, will be able to apply vaccines to prevent the virus. The municipal health department's assessment (SES-MG) is to immunize 6,018,977 miners.

The target audience for 4,100 posts across the country are children aged six months under the age of six, pregnant women, women who have given birth 45 days after birth and over 60 years.

Also included are healthcare workers and public and private services, teachers, indigenous peoples, prisoners, prison staff and people with chronic non-communicable diseases and other special clinical conditions.

This year, SES-MG has established a priority in the period from April 10 to 19 for children and pregnant women. According to Health Secretary Carlos Eduardo Amaral Pereira da Silva, last year this audience did not win the target. The vaccine index of children under six years of age was 83.53%, and pregnant women 85.12%. However, according to the secretary, the vaccine will not be denied to the members of the group during this period. According to the latest newsletter, a nice horizonin, who belongs to the group, died for H1N1.

The call is important, after all, the period is suitable for epidemics. "This is the time when we ask for coverage of the population, even before the onset of the disease. Because of the cold, people are approaching and closing the windows, aiming to vaccinate 90% of the population.


As of Tuesday, 455 cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) have been reported in Minas. Of these, 44 have already processed samples. Thirteen were confirmed as Influeza, and 31 were confirmed by other respiratory viruses. Of the confirmed data for Influeza, 11 refer to Influeza A H1N1 and two of the other subtypes.

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