Saturday , June 12 2021

The Seventh Guardian: Valentina admits she tried to kill Laura

In the Seventh Guardian, the novel by Rede Globo, Marcos Paolo (Nani People) faces Valentina (Lilia Cabral).

In the chapter that turns around on Tuesday (12), the villain ends with the recognition that he has tried to take over the life of Laura (Jana Lavigne).

What will happen?

Check what's happening in today's chapter:

Laura likes her father about what happened to her. Valentina admits that Marcos Paulo tried to take over the life of Laura. Nicholas takes Aphrodite and the Baby in Greenville. Mirtes insults Mila and Jurandir. Luz and Sostenos can not find the hole leading to the spring. Adamastor shows Stella at the place she made for Luciana. Nicholas doubts Baby about the result of the dance test. Jurandir decided to leave Cerro Azul, and Eliza despair. Laura is looking for Valentine.

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