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The project requires experience for a commission that assesses healthcare technology in SUS – Dourados Agora

05.06.2013 18h07 – According to the Agency for News Agency

The draft law 2035/19 states that nominees for the National Commission for the incorporation of technologies in the single health system (Conitec-SUS) should have professional experience and academic training in accordance with the assessment of health technologies.

The proposal is in the House of Representatives.

The text changes the Law on Organic Health (8.080 / 90), dictated by Konitik, an advisory body of the Ministry of Health, signed by Deputy Hiran Gonchalves (PP-RR).

Created in 2011, the commission should evaluate and define healthcare technologies, such as medicines and clinical protocols, which will be used in SUS protection.

The technical body has representatives from the Ministry of Health, professional health councils, regulatory agencies and health secretariats of the states, federal districts and municipalities.

The project also found that the processes of incorporating, excluding or changing new health technologies should respect the principle of transparency.


According to Mr. Hirran Gonsalves, the proposal aims to improve the work of Conitec. "The evaluation of healthcare technologies is a very technical area, which involves analyzing highly complex scientific studies," he said.

"What the project is doing is creating minimum instructional requirements that will allow Conitec members a critical evidence-based assessment."

He further states that the issue of transparency is vital to society, which directly affects the decisions of the commission.


The project will be analyzed in a convincing way by the social security commissions and the family; and the Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.

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