Wednesday , April 21 2021

The main line of the investigation is that the theft of the Kajiyas theft was made by militants New Orleans, Louisiana hotels

A leak in the neighborhood of Park Kapivari left a 9-year-old girl in a very serious condition, hospitalized with 80% of her body burnt. A total of five needed medical assistance, and 17 had to leave their homes.

Tranpetro, a subsidiary of Petrobras, said there was a risk of an explosion in the morning and that firefighters removed the residents from the house to avoid intoxication from the strong odor.

Of the five people who needed care at the Ada Pereira Nune Hospital, three were hospitalized the following evening on Friday: Olavo Pacino dos Santos, Antonio Martins da Silva and the girl Anna Cristina Pacco Luciano.

"The leaked gasoline is type A, the strongest is there, and it can not be sold, because it has not yet been mixed with anhydrous to sell in pumps. The product has a very strong odor and burns the skin, it even melts the rubber glove of staff of our team, "explained Cuxiasis Civil Defense Secretary Andre Luis Gomez.

According to the fire, about 1 o'clock the gang installed a hose in the Tranpetro Canal to steal the fuel. About 1h50, the corporation was called, and men from three barracks headed to the site.

The fuel did not come out, but came into contact with the ground. The girl who had burns was found fainted and fell into a puddle.

The mother explained that the girl fell into a gasoline pool, while the family left the region, escaping the unbearable odor.

"We ran out and probably could not breathe, because the air was drooping, suffocating, I saw that it was gone, but it was so fog of fuel, I could not see the body of my daughter, I thought it was dead," says Fernanda Pacheco , the mother of Anna Christina.

The leakage was controlled early in the afternoon.

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