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The Macapa election could take place at 292,700 polling stations this week; elections postponed after the eclipse | 2020 elections in Amapa

The last elections in 2020 between the capitals are held in Makapa this week (6), to elect the mayor and the 23 city councilors for the next 4 years. The election was postponed due to lack of security due to the energy crisis that hit Amapa in November. There are 292.7 thousand voters who can vote at 703 polling stations, from 7 am to 5 pm.

Ten candidates are running for the top job of CEO of the Amapa capital. Meet them. Another 492 candidates are vying on Sunday for 23 vacancies available at Macapa City Hall.

If no candidate for mayor gets an absolute majority (50% plus one) of the valid votes, the two most vocal will face new elections. If there is a 2nd round, it happens on December 20th.

The voting site is ready with the electronic ballot box, on November 15 – Photo: Igor do Vale / G1

The measure affected only the capital because the Amapa Regional Election Court (TRE-AP) considered that, in the other 15 municipalities, voter security could be kept under control with an available security apparatus. In the rest of the country, elections were held on November 15.

During the election dispute, G1 publish a series of contents who want to help the voter define the votes, check below:

On voters can vote from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., with preferential classes for people over 60 from 7 to 10 o’clock. The Electoral Court recommends consulting the polling station before leaving home. In Macapa, 54,300 voters were relocated (see how to consult).

А. voter registration is optional, only one official document with photo, which can be a passport, ID card, work permit or CNH. О The e-Title application is also valid, and is a very useful tool (learn how to register).

Е mandatory use of face mask and hand hygiene entering and leaving the polling station.

  • Know the rules and know what the candidate and the voter can and cannot do

This year there is no biometric identification procedure. In addition to the document, the identification is visual, first, with the mask voter. Only if the section president does not recognize the voter can he ask the voter to take two steps back and quickly remove the mask, keeping it at a safe distance.

Electoral justice recommends that the voter bring his / her own pen to sign the attendance register and preferably not take children and attendants.

TRE-AP advises voters who have a fever or have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the 14 days prior to the election date not to vote. Up to 60 days after the voting round, it is possible to justify the voting by proving the reason for the absence. The justification can be done by the application.

The voting order is: first you enter the 5 numbers of your candidate for councilor, and then you enter the 2 digits of your candidate for mayor. Before pressing “confirm”, the voter must wait for the candidate’s photo to appear on the ballot box screen.

To guarantee transportation to polling stations, buses will run from 6am to 0am, charging a social tax of US $ 1.85. Read more.

The state government has already announced how it intends to conduct police and ensure the security of the elections in Makapa on Sunday.

In total, 1,467 agents from federal, state and municipal agencies will be used. The work will take place on the streets and avenues in the city, as well as in the environment of the social network.

Electronic ballot boxes were distributed in Makapa throughout the week for the 1st round held this week (6) – Photo: TRE-AP / Disclosure

With concentrated work on Macapa, TRE-AP planned to distribute 860 electronic ballot boxes (including contingencies) at 146 polling stations starting at 5am this week so that they could receive the votes of each voter at 7am.

On Tuesday (1st), the equipment load and seal hearing was held, with the insertion of data files on candidates and voters from each polling station. Another important stage took place on Saturday (5), the equipment review, a process that strengthens the credibility of the vote.

The day before, the capital of Amapa received a visit and inspection from TSE President, Minister Luis Roberto Barroso. Asked if the result of the 1st round should come out quickly, he preferred not to set a deadline: “In normal life, yes [é rápido]”But nowadays I no longer make predictions.”

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