Wednesday , January 27 2021

The father kills his daughter with plastic and half in her mouth because of religion

The father still fired himself to distract the police

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The father still fired himself to distract the police Photo: Publication

Curitiba – Four months after the murder of an 18-year-old girl in Curitiba, police arrested her 45-year-old father as the main suspect. The victim was killed crushed with a mask made of plastic tape and with a sock in his mouth.

After committing the crime, the man would still call S.the emergency medical service (Samu) and said she found her daughter with a "plastic helmet". At the time of the crime, he said that he removed the mask and the sorrel from his mouth, but the young woman was already suppressed.

Police initially ruled out the possibility of suicide and did not believe the father's position. He gave ithe walked with the plastic film on the head of the young woman and the material was stored inside the cabinets.

While examining the house, the investigators found no traces of intrusion into the house. People close to the family reported that they had no good relations and had a lot of fights. Her father did not agree that she was different from her religious position.

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