Monday , January 18 2021

The farm: Lipe, Victoria Villarrim, Akakelin and Raisa Barbosa are in Rosa

In the formation of Rosa this Tuesday (27), the participants Lippe, Victoria Villarim, Akekilin e Raisa Barbosa were those chosen for eventual abandonment The farm on Thursday (29).

The winner of this week’s Fire Trial is the singer Biel chose to retain the power of the Green Flame and transfer the power of the Red Flame to another pawn.

The Green Flame gave the farmer, Juliano, the opportunity to choose between receiving a cash prize of Rs 20,000 and giving up his vote for the Green Flame owner or being able to vote normally, nullifying the power of the flame. Juliano chose to keep the prize money and gave Bill a chance to refer someone to Rosa.

The singer then chose the pedestrian Lippe. Ballerina Victoria Villarrim was the person who received the most votes from the participants, six, and was the second nominee. By appointment, she managed to pull someone out of the booth to occupy the third chair in the country, ike.

The fourth participant to form Rosa would be decided in the dynamics of Resta Um, and Tays ended up being chosen. However, Victoria, who received the power of the red flame from Biel, had the opportunity to exchange the fourth degree for another pawn, with the exception of the farmer, and ended up choosing to replace Tays with Raisa.

As the last nominee for Rosa, Raisa could veto any of the other three participants in Farmer’s race this Wednesday, and finally chose her executioner Victoria Villarim.

Thus, Lipe, akeake and Raisa compete on Wednesday for the “Farmer” test to find out who will escape Thursday’s vote and survive the game, despite gaining immunity next week and can nominate someone for the next Rosa.

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