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The elections of the PSL National Executive uphold Luciano Bivar as president

Pernambuco wants to settle on the presidential chair

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November 16, 2018, at 18:26

Federal deputy re-elected Luciano Bivar (PSL-PE) was re-elected to the post of party chairman in the elections to form a new executive body this Friday, 16 and Brasília. He led the acronym until he left for the electoral period, when Gustavo Bebianno was temporarily leading the honor of the group. Pernambuco wants to settle for president House, as the O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper showed.

On Wednesday, the election was taken by Antonio Eduardo de Rueda, and Flávia Francischini, wife of the federal deputy and coordinator of the presidential campaign of Jair Bolsonaro, delegate Fernando Francischini, as secretary general of the acronym. The delegate announced that he would chair the party in Paraná.

"With the longest broadcasting time and a party fund close to $ 1 billion, the party is giving up nanico conditioning to take on the giant role in the National Congress," says a note from the congressman Paraná, who was elected to the state legislative assembly this year. It is already targeting the local elections in 2020. "It is about further strengthening the party in Parana by selecting a large number of mayors and city councilors," says Francischini.

The children of Bolsonaro, Flávio and Eduardo also create a new PSL Executive.

The Senator elected by Rio will be the secretary of the political formation, and the federal deputy elected by São Paulo will be the secretary of the party's parliamentary parties. Bebianno, acting president during the electoral period, was elected as the second vice-chairman.

See the composition of the National Board of PSL:

Luciano Bivar – president

Antonio de Rueda – vice president

Flavia Francischini – secretary general

Julian Lemos – 1st Vice President

Gustavo Bebianno – 2 vice president

José Tupinambá – treasurer

Flávio Bolsonaro – secretary of political formation

Eduardo Bolsonaro – secretary for parliamentary affairs

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