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The crew of the Dragon crew experienced after the explosion this time passed the test

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SpaceX successfully performed a static test on the engines of the Crew Dragon ship on Wednesday (13). SuperDraco engines are part of the launch abortion system, which aims to place the capsule at a safe distance from the rocket should a launch problem occur, protecting the lives of the crew.

With that, SpaceX took another key step in its schedule, especially since there was an explosion when the company performed the same test in April. Following the investigation, Spacees and NASA identified the cause of the fire, and several changes were made to the dragon crew, such as replacing disc brake valves.

Wednesday's test was the first full shot of all eight Crew Dragon SuperDraco's at the same time since the April incident. During the static firing test, the capsule started its engines as if they were maneuvering to abort the rocket in the event of problems that put the lives of astronauts at risk. With the success of the test, the company proves that the April failure was indeed resolved.

However, via Twitter, SpaceX said the data analysis for this new test is still ongoing. Assuming the results come out as planned, SpaceX will continue further testing on Dragon crew certification so that it will finally be released to launch a human spacecraft on board the ship.

In the next test, Crew Dragon will simulate an abortion that escapes the Falcon 9 rocket at a time when aerodynamic pressures are at their maximum. If successful, the test will confirm the ability of the Dragon crew to abort the flight in the most dangerous situations.

Source: NASASpaceflight.com

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