Thursday , November 26 2020

The cashier issues a card that converts up to 95% of the cash limit

Caixa Econômica Federal offers a credit card with no annuity. Called Simple box, the tool has the same capabilities as conventional cards, but with some differentials, including zero annuity and exemption from consultation with the SOC / Serasa.

Another feature is that the service allows you to convert up to 95% of the available limit in cash. It also allows you to shop in physical stores and online, in Brazil and abroad.

Currently, the tool is intended for the public of retirees and retirees of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), under the age of 75, seeking greater security, convenience and convenience when using a credit card.

How does Caixa Simples work?

Caixa Simples is a complete shipping product. Thus, he offers the institution to pay the invoice with the amount of the benefit paid by INSS. This amount refers to the margin of 5%. In this case, part of the invoice amount is automatically deducted from the benefit.

For the option to convert the credit limit into cash, the client must request it at the time of concluding the contract. It is important to emphasize that based on its value, a revolving interest rate is charged plus the collection of financial operating tax (IOF), which are recorded from the day of the credit account until the day of payment of the invoice.

Why choose Caixa Simples?

О Simple card for negatives guarantees numerous benefits to its customers. In addition to the annuity waiver, the user pays only a fee of $ 15 to issue the card. This amount can be paid up to 3 times in the invoice.

Once approved on the card, the client pays only what he spends, with a guarantee of exemption from any kind of monthly fee, surprise fee or annual fee. In terms of interest rates, those on the Caixa Simples card are more affordable compared to market values, and even cost up to 3 times less than those on the conventional card. In the case of rotation, the value is only 2.70% per month.

The map is also totally free from consultations with the SOC and Serras, ie less bureaucracy! However, the client must settle his financial debts before arranging the service. Not to mention that customers at Caixa Simples have a home help service called Overview Lar. Through it, it is possible to carry out repairs, overhauls, installations and various cleaning at home, up to three times a year.

Request a simple cash register

Applying for a Caixa Simples card is very easy: the customer only needs to go to one of the Kaixa branches located throughout Brazil. Remembering that during the visit, it is necessary to provide RG, CPF, proof of residence and a statement of benefits.

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