Thursday , October 1 2020

The anonymous fund plans to invest $ 75 million in startups with privacy projects


The unknown fund, organized by a group of anonymous people, plans to invest and donate $ 75m to Bitcoin to startups that work directly or indirectly to improve privacy. The news was published this Thursday, November 14, from the Block site.

The anonymous fund said it would give preference to startups operating in four niches: personal data protection, online anonymity tools, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Protecting personal data is one of the biggest contemporary challenges, according to the fund. Providing examples of data manipulation, the group cited how social media influenced Brexit campaigns and the US presidential election, among others. Anonymous group organizer comments:

"The main purpose of large corporations is to gather as much information as possible about people's personal lives and then use that information to enrich them. They do a great job of making ordinary people poorer. We are ready to change that and protect people. "

The fund's organizers are from different countries and have met on 4chan, an anonymous website, the statement said. The fund plans to invest the money in commercial startups, as well as donate to non-profit organizations.

The fund's website does not provide much information, except for a quote from Edward Snowden that says "data is not being exploited, people are being exploited" and an email where startups can submit their investment or donation requests.

“Investing is just the beginning. He has anonymously developed several strategies and methods that will be published later. We will continue to fight for as long as it takes to achieve our goal. "

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