Sunday , June 20 2021

Temer says 57,000 formal jobs were created in October

SÃO PAULO – President Michel Temer in his Twitter account reported that more than 57,000 new formal jobs were created in October. Below the average projections on the market.

The Ministry of Labor must disclose the data from the General Registry of employees and unemployed (Caged) at 4 pm for October.

"I received information that in October we created more than 57 thousand new formal jobs, more than 790 thousand, an increase of 2.09 percent, which means that Brazil is on the right track," he said. the emedebista.

The average of 16 consultations and financial institutions projected by Date value pointed to a net-generation of 73 thousand jobs with a formal contract in the month, after creating 110 thousand jobs in August and 137 thousand jobs in September.

The projections varied from a balance of 40,000 to 154,000 jobs. In October 2017, 76,600 jobs were created, and in the previous three years, the balance for the month was negative.

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