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Teenager also dies in action driven by application driver in Piradzic – KOREIO online

Photo: Arison Marinho / MAIL

The teenager who was gunned down for an alleged attempted robbery in the Piradzic neighborhood of Salvador on Thursday morning did not object to his injuries. He was rescued at the Roberto Santos General Hospital in Kabula after being shot dead during a shootout between a bandit and agents of the Federal Highway Police (PRC).

It all started when application driver Nison Branco da Silva, 41, was driving a white Cobalt on Indonesia Street. He was approached by a gunman and executed on public roads. The video shows the moment of the murder. Take a look

Early in the morning, Citizen Police reported that two assailants had participated in the crime, but at the end of the day ruled out a second person, claiming it was even an attempted robbery.

At the time of the crime, Nison had a passenger in the vehicle. Enena managed to open the car door and run away. She has already been heard by the Multiple Homicide Police (DFM), the unit responsible for investigating the case.

Photo: Eduardo Diaz / MAIL

After shooting Nison, the robber tried to flee, but was surprised by federal road police. PRC agents went through the region when they noticed the action of the robber and tried to intercept him.
The robber reacted and confronted. The street was busy, flooding started and many had to seek shelter to protect themselves from bullets.

During the exchange of fire, the abuser and the 17-year-old, unrelated to confusion, were also shot.

Photo: Arison Marinho / MAIL

Both were rescued by Roberto Santos' lives, but could not resist the injuries. The identity of the robber and the teenager was not disclosed.

Thinking it, the Department of Technical Police (DTT) reported that Niddson's body remained at the Nina Rodrigues Law Institute of Medicine (IMLNR) until late in the afternoon, submitting the autopsy procedures.

There is no information about the time and place of the funeral, nor the other two bodies.

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