Tuesday , September 29 2020

Tace and Farian discuss the fire test


After Lucas Viana's victory at the eighth farm of 2019 Farma, the walkers took part in the draw to know who would be eligible to compete in the fire test: "There will be two participants and two assistants. Diego will draw the participants, and then everyone will choose their assistant minus Diego. It will be a test of communication and a sense of location, "Mark Mion warned. Diego, Neto, Lucas and Winnie could not participate in the draw.

The buffalo were Thiese Teixeira and Haryani Almeida. Thais chose Lucas as his assistant, and Harry opted for Sabrina. After the draw, Mion also warned pedestrians that this week only two pedestrians would occupy the stall. The momentum was not shown on the 24-hour streaming platform PlayPlus and will only be broadcast on RecordTV tomorrow night.

Last week, Neto won the match against Diego, Lucas and Winnie Viera and was immune to the last pitch.

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