Saturday , April 17 2021

State propaganda acts will not have to be submitted to the Presidency, says Planalot Politics

The state secretary issued a note Friday evening (26) in which he said the commercial pieces of state-owned enterprises would not have to be submitted to the Presidency of the country, as this would constitute a violation of state law.

The note was published after the Advertising and Promotion Secretary, Glenn Lopez Valente, sent e-mail to companies – such as Petrobras and Correios – ordering propaganda to be submitted to the Secretariat for Social Communications subordinate to the Secretariat of the Government.

"In accordance with the strategic decision to maximize the alignment of all public activities of the Federal Executive, we state that from this date the content of all publicity activities, including the nature of marketing … must be submitted for previously Secom [Secretaria de Comunicação da Presidência]"said e-mail.

On Friday night, the secretary of the government issued the following remark: "Secom, when issuing e-mail, did not comply with the Citizenship Act, because the Direct Administration did not intervene in the content of strictly market publicity of state-owned enterprises."

Asked if, from this, the secretary's guidance would not be worth more, the Secretary of the Government replied that yes.

Bolsonaro orders to take out the Banco do Brasil advertising, which betts on diversity

Bolsonaro orders to take out the Banco do Brasil advertising, which betts on diversity

On Thursday (25), Banco do Brasil announced that it had removed the advertisement that encouraged young people to open a bank account.

In the video, 30 seconds were pictures of people who, according to the announcer, "make a face", "yell" come and kiss me "", "broken bang on the side", "negative beard", "face of the richly irritated" natural movement strange ".

While the narrator spoke, images of people acting according to the narration were shown.

The video shows a black bald woman, a man in a beauty salon, a black woman with blond hair, another woman with porphyry hair, a man with pink hair, a woman with a short hair and a man with a party mood.

According to the Bank of Brazil, the act was taken out of the air, as the institution's president, Ruben Novas, realized that "other young people's profiles are missing."

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