Saturday , September 19 2020

Starting from scratch: Learn how to change your eating habits


Second with "S" health. Starting a diet on the first working day of the week, especially after a holiday, can be difficult for many people. But maintaining a healthy diet is essential for well-being and does not mean that you start a diet.

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How to enjoy the holiday season to change your eating habits? Calm down! This change may occur gradually. Check out the tips we separated based on an article published by Taek.

One thing at a time: Make gradual changes

Although your diet is very poor, ideally not changing everything at once, after all, can increase your chances of relapse. Easy, go slowly. Start, for example, by reducing the amount of candy and focus on it until you get a satisfactory reduction. Then move on to the other villains in your food.

On weekends, it's worth a break and eating whatever you like, but always in moderation.

2-Create goals and set your deadlines

It may sound cliché, but setting goals and deadlines is essential to your organization. As you begin eliminating food, think about how much you can eat throughout the day and how long it will take before you reduce it further. Do the same with the ingredients you start adding to the dish.

3-Hour Watch: Feed every three hours

Eating every three hours is a great way to stay satisfied without overeating. This habit helps maintain glucose levels and boosts the feeling of being full.

4- Bet on Fruits and Vegetables!

It is of no use just cutting off the unhealthy. Invest fearlessly in those nutrient-rich foods necessary for our body, such as vegetables, fruits and vegetables. It is best to consume six servings a day – three fruits and three vegetables, but if you have no habit, start small.

5- Opt for a healthier version of calorie food

You do not have to reduce those foods you like if you choose the healthier versions. Replace with more ingredients "Bright". When it comes to roasting, whole wheat is a great substitute for flour, for example, while fatty milk and brown sugar can take the place of refined sugar in some dishes.

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