Tuesday , January 19 2021

Sophie Turner reveals she was thinking of suicide after criticism of "Game of Thrones": "I did not have the motivation to do anything"

Stubborn! The star of "Game of Thrones" Sophie Sophia made a surprising and very sad discovery for the fil Phil Fil Filme's podcast on Tuesday (16). The actress during the interview said that the harsh criticism of her actions and the picture in the program had influenced her mental health.

When Sansa Stark's role has placed the British at the heart of the globe and recognition world, she has also left and exposed a series of negative reviews from both the public and the media. "I just believed. I would say, "Yes, I'm weak, I'm fat, I'm a bad actress." I would trust him. I asked him [o departamento de figurino] I squeeze my corset firmly"He discovered.

Over time, the picture deteriorates to the extent that Sophie has developed a strong depression that is isolated from everything and everyone. "I did not have the motivation to do anything or leave. Even with my best friends, I did not want to see them, I would not want to go out and eat with them. I just cried and cried only about the need to change, wearing clothes and saying, "I can not do it. I can not get out. I have nothing to do"" He said. Very sad, huh?

Analyzing her background, Joe Jonas's lover said that during the heaviest period of the illness, she could not see herself committing suicide, but she was thinking a lot about it, especially when she was younger. "It's weird. I say that I was not very depressed when I was younger, but when I was younger, I was thinking a lot about suicide. I do not know why. Perhaps it was just a strange fascination I used, but yes, I was thinking about it"He breathed. Listen to the full announcement:

The good news is that Turner also took the opportunity to say that today the situation is completely different. Apart from treating drugs, she noticed an evolution of her self-esteem. "I take drugs, and now I love, or more than I got used to, I think"He's thinking before he says he'll give a break in his career to focus on important issues like his mental health.

IMPORTANT: Depression is a super-serious affair and can hit anyone. If you or someone you know feel emotional or think about suicide, call the Center for Valorization of Life at number 188. CVV provides free emotional support by volunteering to all those who want and need to talk, under full confidentiality by phone, is – Post and talk 24 hours a day. For more information, click here.

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