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Shortcut for Thiago Nunes

Thiago Nunes' official announcement of taking over Corinthians in 2020 has come with great expectation to break through the pragmatic game played by Cariel's team this season. Along with this, as might be expected, came demands for patience.

Because, in theory, it's a sudden change, the new coach will need time. Paulistan must be the laboratory for the Brazilian Championship, the Brazilian Cup and, perhaps, Libertadores – at worst a South American.

However, a shortcut appears. Diego rabbit. Highly criticized for his first pass at the Alvinegra base, he developed during his tenure as an assistant and came back better. He perfected the game of Eduardo Baroque in the Under-20s and, on Wednesday, eagerly seized the opportunity as a temporary, beating Fortaleza 3-2.

Thiago Nunes will still need time, but thanks to the former, he has everything to do with less work. Like by magic (forgive the punk with the rabbit in the top hat), the current commander alvinegro showed much more than fans expected at the premiere.

Even after poor two-day training, the team presented a game much more similar to what it was preparing for in the future than tired of believers in the past. Obviously, but not for a long time, Koehoe adjusted the cast of the cast and stopped trying otherwise.

In defense, your main change. With possession, Danilo Avellar advanced to the quarterfinals in a row of three, while Michele Macedon, imitating Hagner, appeared loose from the right. There is no ball, pressure and intensity all the time.

Line three closely resembles another team in Brazil: Atletico Paranaense by Thiago Nunes. At his best, though, Renan Lodi was on the left. At Corinthians, Hagner must enjoy freedom and, like the boy, produce good fruit in the offensive sector.

As Nunes only takes over next year, he has to keep an eye on the comfort of his home team evolution in the hands of the Rabbit. Fortunately for the new commander, players will enjoy being a more offensive team this season. As Gabriel said, they will slowly learn how to stop being such a "predictable" team.

With Karila, the transition path would be longer and laborious. Now fate is beginning to look much better for the Faithful. Nunas has a good shortcut to Ko too to indirectly start his job this year.

Seven games remain to bury pragmatism that fans can no longer see on the field. By losing or beating, the Rabbit can hand the much lighter baton to the new commander.

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