Wednesday , September 22 2021

Sertaneho says an unmanned drone with a picture of his son flew over "Farm" – 11/20/2013

In the afternoon of Tuesday (20), Felipe Sertaneho made a strange revelation to Joao Zoli in the room. According to the fighters, an unmanned drone with a picture of his son flew 13 weeks ago.

The pedestrian did not comment on the matter in front of the cameras and seemed to leave John as a surprise. "A few weeks after Leo and Luan called me outside, they said they saw a drone with a photo of Theo, who flew over his head. It looked like they were pictures of two children, but then they said it was Theo. I managed to see it very far, but it looked, "said the fighter.

Sertango also said that the picture failed for his psychological: "After that, I spent a few days without being able to sleep directly, I did not do it well. I did not know if it was a photograph of Theo or someone else, thinking about it without stopping" .

Zoli seemed to have hesitated and fired, "But did you not dream about it?" Felipe laughed and answered: "No, I swear it's in the Farm." You can ask Leo, who called me to see. " After commenting, the 24-hour broadcast cameras were focused on animals in the outside area of ​​the seat.

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