Saturday , September 19 2020

Seni buzzes with Fortaleza intensity, but leaves club future open


On Sunday night (17) Fortaleza beat CSA 3-0 at Arena Castello, leaving Serie A 2020 in the draft. After the match, coach Rogerio Feni saw his team fantastic in front of Alagoas.

"We had a good game. We missed a couple of passes, but we had good control of the game. We came back in the second half better. At 2-0 we have already restored the superiority we had at the moment. We have shown maturity and total merit. It was fantastic for today. "

With 42 points, Lesho to Pizzas is currently in 11th position at Brasileiro, which will lead the team to the 2020 South American Cup. Despite this, Jenny said she was not thinking about her future and left the club open for continuity. next season.

Take a look at EI Plus's Brasileir√£o!

"When I agreed to come here, I was tired and discouraged. I accepted the athletes, Fortaleza, the president, the city, the tennis buddies. I really like it here, I'll be honest. I try to fight them a lot to improve the structure. "When you stay in Serie A, you charge to be better in your year. I did not stop thinking (permanently). Fortaleza goes by itself. Regardless of the professional you are here, you can continue your work here. "

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