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See what the Corinthians have to do to get to Libertadores in 2020; simulate the final rounds | Corinthians


The Corinthians have six matches to win a place in Libertadores 2020. The fight, however, will not be easy. The first challenge will be to beat Internacional this week, at the Arena, at 6 pm, in Itacera, for the 33rd round of the Brazilian Championship. Both teams have 49 points in the leaderboard.

Besides Inter, the main competitors for vacancies are Grammio and Sao Paulo. With Atletico-PR (Brazil Cup champion) in sixth there are currently seven vacancies for the continental tournament. Timon is in eighth place.

Take a look at the following six games with Corinthians below:

  • 33rd Circuit: International (Arena)
  • 34th round: Botafogo (Engineer)
  • 35th round: Avai (Arena)
  • 36th round: Atletico-MG (Independence)
  • 37th round: Ceara (Castellao)
  • 38th round: Fluorescent (Arena)

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The Libertadores venue became the main target of Corinthians in the second half of 2019 as it won the first team championship in Paulista. The six matches will be played under the command of interim coach Diego Coho.

With Tiago Nunes already due to lead Timio by 2020, joining Libertadores is crucial to team planning.

Diego Coehoo, Corinthians coach by the end of the year - Photo: Marcos RiboliDiego Coehoo, Corinthians coach by the end of the year - Photo: Marcos Riboli

Diego Coehoo, Corinthians coach by the end of the year – Photo: Marcos Riboli

Competition Games

Direct placement rivals also have complicated collisions ahead. Tricolor Paulista already has this classic Saturday against Santos and is still facing Grammio and Internacional in the final round of Brasiliro. Tricolor Gaucho has Flamengo at home, and Colorado will play three home games.

Sao Paulo: Santos (guests), Seari (guests), Vasco (at home), Grumio (guests), International (at home), CSA (guests)

Guild: Flamengo (home), Palmeiras (away), Atletico (guest), Sоo Paulo (home), Cruzeiro (home) and Goiás (guests);

International: Corinthians (away), Fortaleza (home), Goias (home), Botafogo (guests), Sao Paulo (guests) and Atletico-MG (home);

To qualify for the Libertadores Group Stage, Corinthians must finish Brasileiro in the first four – fifth and sixth (and currently seventh) going into the previous round.

If Flamengo is the champion of the current release of Libertadores, Brasileiro's fifth place also guarantees a place in the groups.

But the number of vacancies could still rise, turning the G-6 into the G-8. There are two possibilities:

  1. If Atletico-PR finishes with Brasiliro in the top six, Libertadores will be in seventh place in the national competition. The Paraná team have been champions of the Brazilian Cup and have already secured a place;
  2. If Flamengo is this year's champion in Libertadores and Atletico are among the six, two vacancies will be created, until Brasiliro's eighth place in the continental tournament is held.

Corinthians begin their series on Sunday, at 6pm, before the International at the Arena.

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