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see the drawn numbers and the prizes to be paid

Lotofcil's first draw this week awarded a bet from the city of Itana (MG) that hit all 15 of the 1892 competition held today in Sоo Paulo. The numbers drawn were 01-03-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-19-20-21-23-24-25.

According to Caixa, the mining town's winning ticket will be entitled to a reward of exactly $ 1,761.663.57. Another 254 bets managed to hit 14 numbers. Each will receive a sum of $ 2,134.06.

The next draw of Lotofcil will take place on Wednesday (20th) in Espacho Lotterias, Sоo Paulo. The 1893 competition event is slated to begin at 8pm (GMT), with live broadcast via Caixa's official YouTube channel. The prize is again valued at $ 2 million.

How to participate in the next lottery draw?

You can place your bet on Lotofácil up to one hour before the draw in the accredited lotteries and on the official Caixa website. That is, you can register your game by 7pm on Wednesday. There are 25 numbers available, and bets are placed on 15 to 18 dozen selected games. The smallest bet now costs $ 2.50, while the most expensive is $ 2,040. You can also use "Surprise" to let the system pick the numbers for you.

What are the chances of winning the top Lotofácil award?

With a minimum wager ($ 2.50) playing 15 tens, the chance to hit them all is one of almost 3.3 million. Playing with a dozen more, the value of the game rises to $ 40, but the odds increase: they become one of just over 204,000. Lotofcil also has awards for those who scored 14, 13, 12 and 11 points. With the lowest bet, the chance of winning at least 5 prizes is one of 11.

How does the Lotofácil slogan work?

Lotofácil also has a pocket available for group betting. The minimum price charged by Caixa in this mode is $ 10, and the odds of each participant must start at $ 3. In bets of 15 numbers, the number of odds varies between two and eight. You can make up to ten bets per pocket.

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