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See result Lotofácil, competition 1734 (07/11)


Lotofácil (Photo: Reproduction)

Lotofácil (Photo: Reproduction)

ABOUT Lotofácil result, competition 1734 was released on Wednesday (07) by Loteria da Caixa.

Draws take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 20:00 time Brasília. The prize is estimated at 2 million realities for those who perform 15 hits.

To bet on Lotofácil, simply go to the Lottery Houses scattered all over Brazil and choose between 15 and 18 dozen. The cheapest bet is $ 2.00.

Result Lotofácil: Competition 1734

Check the result of Lotofácil, competition 1734:

01 02 03 06 07
08 10 11 15 16
17 21 22 24 25

Lotofácil has still accumulated more than 11.6 million realities for the Special Draw of Independence Day in 2019.

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Is it easy to win at Lotofácil?

According to the cashier from the box, which puts the minimum bet has 1 chance in just over 3 million to hit 15 drawn dozens. It seems difficult, but there is always someone who counts happiness next to him and takes the prize.

To win the minimum prize, the player has 1 chance at 11 to hit 11 out of 15 drawn dozens.

How much do I earn in Lotofácil?

Award a Lotofácil corresponds to 43.35% of the collected amount. Of this amount, 4 rewards will be discounted to players who receive 11 tens; 8 reals for players who hit 12 and 20 reals for players who hit 13 dozen.

The discounting of these amounts, the remaining part is used for the following prizes:

– 65% goes to 15 hitters;
– 20% receive a hit of 14 numbers from 15 draws.
– and 15% is accumulated for a player who will get 15 dozens drawn in a special competition organized in September each year, a special draw for independence.

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