Monday , June 14 2021

Sandra Bullock, "Strange Things" and Andy Serkis will be at CCXP 2018

CCXP 2018 (Comic Con Experience) announced on Wednesday (21) more news about the participation of Netflix in the geek event, which runs from 5 to 9 December in Sao Paulo Expo (formerly Centro de Exposições Imigrantes).

The presence of:

  • Sandra Bullock and Travanc Rhodes, stars of horror film "Bird Box" (9/12);
  • Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnap and Sadi Sink, respectively Lucas, Will and Max of the series "Foreign Affairs" (9/12);
  • Tom Hopper, David Castaneda and Emmy Raaver-Lamman, stars of the new series "Umbrella Academy" (8/12);
  • Gerard Wei, former vocalist of the My Chemical Romance group and Brazilian illustrator Gabriel Ba, who created the comic book "Umbrella Academy" (8/12);
  • Andy Serkis, director of adaptation "Mogli – Entre Dois Mundos" (8/12).

"Bird Box" is the suspense directed by Susan Beer and there is still Sarah Paulson ("American Horror Story") in the cast. In the film, unknown force causes violent and extreme reactions in humans, leading to suicide. The project is based on the book by Josh Mullerman "Bird Box" and debuted at Netflix on December 21st.

"Strange Things" prepares the third season, again showing friends who are trying to fight the enemies of the inverted world. Unsolved episodes should hit Netflix in mid-2019.

The "Shark Academy", created by Way and BA in 2008, tells the story of seven children adopted by a billionaire trained to save the world. The family collapsed, and the group split up as a teenager. Now the survivors, again in the thirties, meet again to find out about the death of their father.

"Moguls – Between Two Worlds", which comes on Netflix on Dec. 7, is the third venture of Serkis in the direction. Movies for filming, the film has a major role to tell the story of a werewolf: Benedict Kamberbach, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Andy Cercis.

Others confirmed

CCXP 2018 has already confirmed other artists for the event: Bre Larson (Captain Marvel), Zaharie Levy (Shazam), Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther villain, Sophie Turner Thrones and X-Men Phoenix) and Jessica Chasten, Ricky Witt (star of the American Gods), Florian Munteanu (from VIDEO 2), Tom Welling (from Maliville), Sebastian Stan (Marvel's Winter Soldier), directors M. Night Shyamalan and Dean DeBlois ("How to Train Your Dragon 3") and John Romyne Jr. (Star of the Comic Book), among others.

The event will present the film "Aquaman" to the public, almost a week in advance, and will display the panels "Strange Things" and "Game of Thrones".

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