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Sabrina Sato impresses with Zoe's first trip: "# Eating stack à parmegiana & # 39; & # 39;

Sabrina Sato reveals simplicity in Zoe's first journey

Sabrina Sato packed her daughters and started an adventure with her mother, Kika Sato, her father, Omar Rahal, her husband Duda Nagle and their daughter, Zoe.

Without revealing her fate, the presenter shares a little family trip for a car trip – this is the first time she has to travel like this – in particular, the sweetest moments of her successor who has the first

In social networks, the group appeared in place, adults used time to kill the hunger, while the princess from the house took the opportunity to slow down. "We stopped eating a steak from parmegiana," she reveals while catching the moment when her daughter was on a bamboo playing on her grandfather's shoulder.

After joy, they returned to the road. A few minutes later, Sabrina captivated the heart of the fans, portraying the baby lying in her little chair with a small hand in her mouth. Zoe was even more reluctant when he appeared with a gray polish on his head. "On the road with my family," she writes.

Duda failed to make some stories about his Instagram and ended up catching the woman lying on his shoulder in a deep sleep. Without a word, he played with his wife's face.

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