Tuesday , September 22 2020

Reader Photos # 283 – Xiaomi Mi 8 SE in White Eagle (ES)


The Reader Photos series is one of the readers' favorite columns on the site. She grew up fed up of beautiful pictures sent by you, friends, followers, loyal TudoCellular companions.

The column started shy, as early as 2014, and has been bearing fruit on the site and viewers ever since.

Thank you for the company over the past few years, and the patience in the busy weeks when we simply failed to meet the schedule. Enjoy another edition – I mean, take a look at the last issue before you see the headphones that participated – and enjoy the moment.

How to participate: send your photo to us!

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Most voted last week

  • 1st Matheus Rocha – Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (33% of votes)
  • Second Deviant Torrent – Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (16% of votes)
  • 3rd Tom Miranda – Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (14% of votes)

The winning photo from the latest issue was made by reader Matheus Rocha with his Mi 8 Lite in White Eagle in Espirito Santo. Check out his report to get the beautiful picture above: It was a clear and clear winter night with no moon and without much artificial lighting, I just needed to do long exposures of 32 with ISO 1600 and focus locked to infinity Then only I had to slightly increase the brightness of the editing so that the colors became sharper and a little sharper to remove the edge of the roof at the bottom of the photo.

What do you think of the winning photo? Comment below. Curious to know which other smartphones participated in the previous issue? Just check out Issue 282.

Mobile phone that captured the winning photo

Xiaomi has released the Mi 8 upgrade and has reduced eye fatigue

6 months agoXiaomi has begun distributing the DC Daining feature on the Mi 8. The update comes via OTA.

Xiaomi confirms the release of the Mi 9 feature for all Mi 8 devices

8 months agoXiaomi has confirmed that it will update the Mi 8 headset with a range of features present only in the newly launched Mi 9.

Xiaomi releases the Mi 9 and Mi 8 SE kernel source code with Android Pie

8 months agoXiaomi has released the source code for the Mi 9 SE and Mi 8 SE kernels. With this, users can now try out their own ROM.

Real size comparison: Xiaomi Mi 9 against predecessors

9 months agoTake a look at the differences between the recently released Xiaomi Mi 9 and its predecessors in the following article.

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