Tuesday , September 21 2021

Rafael Sobis scores in front of the Mineiro midfield; Clock – 06/12/2020

Rafael Sobis scored the famous “goal that Pele did not score” tonight (5), at Mineiro, in the 4-1 defeat of Cruzeiro from Brazil in Pelotas-RS. The striker saw the opposing goalkeeper forward and sent a roof, a historic goal in the Brazilian Serie B (see below).

Cruzeiro already won 3 to 1 and was already in the mood to guarantee victory when, 28 minutes into the second half, Sobis received in the center circle. He looked at Rafael Martins, who played early, risked in front of the midfield and got the perfect shot.

The triumph in Mineiro came after three trips at home. For this, in addition to the talent of Sobis (he played with pennies and this from the midfield), Raposa relied on the coarse salt thrown on the lawn for the match of the 26th round of Serie B by Brasileirao and other goals by Arthur Kike and Araro (against) the Honorable The Gauchos’ goal was scored by Bruno Jose.

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