Thursday , April 9 2020
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Quinn 5111 has an estimated premium of $ 3.9 million; know how to bet

Accumulated for four consecutive consecutive quarters, Quinn runs today with an estimated $ 3.9m prize in Competition 5111. live on the bank's official YouTube channel.

At yesterday's draw, Caixa announced prizes worth $ 10,473.52 for each of the 44 bets that filled the field. Another 4,511 bets scored three dozen and were also awarded. The costume band paid $ 153.62 each. The dozens ready for the 5110 match were 01-42-57-59-74.

How to participate in today's Lottery of Quina 5111?

You can choose from five to 15 numbers from 1 to 80. The bets must be placed within one hour of the match, ie the accredited lottery and the official Caixa website will register the games by 7pm today.

How much does a bet on Quina 5111 cost?

From $ 1.50 (with five numbers), but can reach $ 4,504.50 (with 15). If you place a bet on the site, the minimum virtual session purchase is $ 30, but this amount may include games in other lotteries.

What is the chance to win Quina's biggest prize?

With a minimum five-figure bet (which costs $ 1.50), you have a chance at 24m to hit everyone and win the highest prize of Quinn. If you put a dozen more into play, the price of the bet rises to $ 9, but the odds are now four million.

How does Quinn Bojo work?

Quinn Pocket Group bets start at $ 10, but the minimum odds are $ 3 per participant. Caixa allows two to 50 actions in this mode.

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