Monday , January 25 2021

PS5 price to be appealing to players •

The PlayStation 5 is on its way and has several problems with this new generation machine.

Among the specifications and release date, one of the biggest problems in the minds of players is the price of the console, something that still needs to be revealed.

Mark Cerny, the architect of Sony's forthcoming console, shared a lot of information about the PlayStation 5 specifications in the new Wired article and gave us a look at the console.

Cerny released some exciting news, but something he did not mention was the price of this PS5.

However, Peter Rubin, who is responsible for the Virus article with Cerny, shares additional details that were not included in his article, in which he talked about the cost of the PS5 with the console architect.

Through Twitter, Rubin shared which, although it did not share a particular price, got the feeling that the PS5 cost more than the PlayStation 4 in its launch.

"This did not go into my PlayStation history, but given how much speculation about the price of the Sony console (especially considering the combination of SSD / chip), I think I should share a bit of a copy of the interview for this."

Rubin then shares with Cerny: "There was always a general price for the launch. Will the new console remain at that limit?"

Cerny's response was not specific, but suggests that players do not mind paying them more than they paid for the PS4, thanks to the specifics of the PS5.

"I believe that we can start with a price that will appeal to players, taking into account the advanced range of functionalities. "

Cerny did not comment on whether the console is more expensive, but it's worth it to compare with what you get with it, but your answer suggests that Sony can present the PS5 at a price higher than 399.99 euros on the PS4.

Speculation points to 499.99 euros as a launch price for the PlayStation 5, a price Microsoft used for its powerful Xbox One X and was well received by consumers who were enthusiastic about their specifications.

In this interview, Cerny revealed the first details of PS5 specifications, confirmed that they are backwards compatible with PS4, announced the presence of an SSD drive that drastically reduces the load and suggested that some games will be crossed.

Although it did not confirm the release date, Sony's representatives accompanying Cerny confirmed they had not arrived in 2019 and suggested that 2020 would be their year of launch.

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