Tuesday , September 29 2020

Positive reporting begins to include current account names | National newspaper


This Monday (11) marked a new step in the long process of adopting a national register of good payers in Brazil. The so-called positive register will automatically include who has the current accounts.

Banks and financial institutions have begun sending the past 12 months of history to all clients of any credit business. It can be financing, using overdraft, credit card. Four companies are authorized by the Central Bank to obtain the information. Positive registration managers will be: Boa Vista Servicios, Credit Intelligence Code Manager, Serasa Experian and SPC Brazil, from the National Confederation of Retail Stores (CNDL).

"Retailers who have their own credit card or card shop must also submit their details for positive registration. And that should happen in the coming months, "explained Vilcio Pereira, Positive Registration Manager for SOC Brazil (Credit Protection Service).

During 2020, other lists of good and bad payers will be included in the register. From people who do not have a bank account, do not have a credit shop, but are responsible for customer accounts: water, electricity, telephone. The audience is not yet known by the credit companies.

"There are market estimates that about 22 million people who did not previously have access to credit could have access to credit by including their data in the positive registry," said Villasio.

It is estimated that the registry will reach 150 million individuals and companies. With the phase starting on Monday, banks and finance have until the 19th to make the data available. Managing companies will have 30 days to notify all clients individually. They will then have another 30 days to consult your history and, if they do not wish to do so, refuse to be included in the positive registry. With this, registration can work, realistically, from January 11.

“The only thing available to businesses is information on payment behavior. This information is also not made available on the market unless they are authorized to do so. Otherwise, all of this is summed up in a rating that just says if he is a good or a bad payer or how he behaved with time, "said Leila Martins, director of data operations at Serasa.

What would be the performance of those seeking an effort to re-negotiate debt, which takes place this week in Sоo Paulo. Just this Monday (11), Feiro's fine name was present at a thousand people.

The positive signup score ranges from zero to a thousand points – the highest level of good payers.

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