Saturday , April 17 2021

Police and firefighters can already be vaccinated against influenza – Jornal de Piracicaba

The campaign's aim is to immunize 82,307 people who make up the priority groups (Photo: Amanda Vieira / JP)The campaign's aim is to immunize 82,307 people who make up the priority groups (Photo: Amanda Vieira / JP)

Civilian and military police, firefighters and active members of the armed forces entered the list of priority groups established by the Ministry of Health for the National Vaccine Against Influenza Campaign on Thursday. Tomorrow, the Department of Health will conduct Campaign D Day in the rural area to cover the other priority groups: six-month-old children under 6, pregnant women, puerperal women, health workers, teachers from public and private schools, individuals 60 years of age with chronic non-infectious diseases and other special clinical conditions (with presentation of a prescription during vaccination).

The population structure will consist of five UBSs, Tanquinho, Anhumas, Ibitiruna, Artemis and Santana, plus 36 fixed points and 9 flying stations.

The same day, three other vaccination points will be opened in the urban area. They are: Jau Serve Supermarket, (Captain Emidio, 537, São Dimas), which runs from 8am to 1pm; Terminal for Central Integration (Armando Sales de Oliveira, 2001, Center), which runs from 8:00 to 13:30 pm and Ideal Supermarket (70, Corcovado Street, Santa Teresinha), which runs from 8 am to 3 pm.

The campaign's goal is to immunize 82,307 people, 90% of the approximately 91,400 people who make up the priority groups. The national anti-influenza campaign continues until May 31.

For Pedro Mello, Municipal Health Secretary, it is fundamental that families understand the importance of a vaccine for the benefit of the entire city, because infection occurs through respiratory and contact conditions, which facilitates the spread of the virus at that time of the year. "We need to pay special attention to the priority groups, but the incentive for vaccination to reach the expected target audience should be everyone, because only with this proactive electricity in favor of immunization we will be able to avoid more serious problems," he explained.

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