Thursday , September 24 2020

Piracicaba XV technician confirms Thiago Nunes's proposal to be Corinthians assistant


Even without taking charge of Corinthians, coach Thiago Nuns is still working on the details of 2020. This Saturday, Taraccio Puglies, coach of Piracicaba XV, confirmed that he had been summoned by the commander to be an assistant in Timio.

"I have this proposal. Tiago is a man I have known for many years, he was my assistant and fitness coach for many years. He has this opportunity, he has this invitation, but I wanted nothing to distract him, nothing to disturb the XV finals. I have to define it in the coming days, "Puglie said at a news conference.

The breakthrough came after the final of the Paulista Cup, where Piracicaba finished second – Cio Caetano won the title. The two worked together, but it is interesting that Nunes was Puglie's assistant in an early career.

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A friend's invitation, however, should not be accepted. Puglie said he was very pleased with the proposal, but should stay in Piracikaba's XV.

"Corinthians is Corinthians, it's a great team. But I really like it here. If I were just thinking about the financial issue, I would go to Corinthians, but there is no price that pays to be at heart with peace, do what you want, in a place you like and feel good about. I'm very happy here. Thiago is my brother, a sensational man. Working for Corinthians is a dream come true for any player, but my heart asks me to stay in Piracikaba. My wish is to stay in XV. "

Confirmed to be Corinthians coach in 2020, Thiago Nunes continues to enjoy a family vacation. The coach is expected to present players and other club professionals at CT Joachim Grava next week.

Without Puglie's final decision, Thiago Nuns should have the following professionals on his technical committee: assistants Evandro Fournari and Kelly Guimaraes; physical trainer Tallio Flores and performance analyst Pedro Sotoro.

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