Wednesday , November 25 2020

Photos in the Resident Evil room show a castle in the first game

Looks like some behind the scenes photos from restart from Resident Evil they are already working on the Internet. Pictures posted on Twitter, show it kits of the new film, and includes a downed STARS helicopter and part of Spencer Palace, the setting for the first CAPCOM. See below:

It is worth mentioning that only a part of the castle is present in the photo, probably with the rest filled with computer graphics.

The film is described as a story about the faithful origin of the games. Kaja Skodelario (Killer predators) will be played by Claire Redfield, the protagonist of the game Resident Evil 2. In addition it will also be Hannah Johnon- Stone (Ant and wasp) as illil Valentine, Robbie Amel (Set) as Chris Redfield, Tom Hopper (Umbrella Academy) like Albert Wesker, Avan ogogia (Zumbilândia: Shoots twice) as Leon Kennedy and Neil McDonough (Yellowstone) como William Birkin.

With this film, I really wanted to go back to both original games and recreate that visceral and terrifying experience I had when I first played them, while being able to tell a human story, with my feet on the ground, about an American city in a breakdown that can be both relevant and recognizable to today’s audience“, he said Johannes Roberts (Deep fear), the director and screenwriter of this game.

There is still no preview of the movie on Resident Evil. This is not the only project in the saga that is evolving: recently, Netflix has released a live-action series on Resident Evil, who will win a season with eight episodes on the platform.

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