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Pharma 2019 has thriller to vote on, Haryani bought it and Vinnie complains


Monday at the Farm was marked by the anticipation of the terrain being formed tonight. Sunday's farmer Diego Gross said he has not yet chosen who will be his nominee, but that someone is in sight.

"I thought of all the possibilities, no one favored me. I can vote for any of you, but that will only complicate me. If you put one of the two [Netto e Vinny] or any of us from the old Lua group, I'm gonna get hurt, "Diego said.

Thais then recalled that the power of the lamp that came with it could change the whole dynamics of voting. “I put what is less complicated for me. Everything will depend on that lamp there. But I know I'm going to complicate it, "the farmer concluded.

Hariani thinks he will be Diego's target on the field

While Thais was preparing a pedestrian lunch, Farian talked to Lucas and admitted he was afraid of forming a garden. She is in a stall after losing a fire test at Thaisey.

Haryani Almeida at Farm 11 (Photo: Playback / Play Plus)
Picture: Farman Almeida at Farm 11 (Photo: Play / Play Plus)

"He's not talking to me properly. I feel he's unusual. He never made a point of interacting with me, but I feel he's different now," complained Guyana.

"If he sends any of us, he will compromise," Lucas said. Lucas, Haryani, and Diego were part of the same group, Lua's team, but with the teams missing, the pawns now vote and compete separately.

Lucas runs from pigs during the task

Responsible for one of the most difficult tasks of the week dealing with pigs, Lucas asked Haryani to help clean the pen and escaped the animals to distract him as Guyana entered the place.

Play / PlayPlus
Picture: Playback / PlayPlus

"Guys, I'll be bitten, that's it today," laughed Lucas, who escaped from the pigs running around the pen for a few minutes. The couple laughed a lot and had fun during the assignment, and Lucas escaped being attacked by pigs while Haryani was cleaning.

Harry warned Lucas not to get hurt and bitten by the pigs, and after about an hour the couple finalized the deal and returned to breakfast. By being in the bay, Haryani can help all walkers during weekdays.

Winnie complains about the audience ratings

Speaking to Neto about the pedestrian attitudes of former team Lua, Winnie complained that the public favored restrictions such as Hariani and Lucas. For the humorist, those who see reality do not see what is going on in the house.

Play / PlayPlus
Picture: Playback / PlayPlus

"The one who wins here is not the one who needs and does the right things. He is the one who does not tell the truth. This is crazy for this crazy asylum, not knowing what is going on outside," complained Winnie, who also said. that she would rather go. next to the garden by the house promised.

"If Diego tells me, that's just the right answer. But if I go around the house with four, five votes, Mion will ask what I think about it, and that's the real opportunity for me to say." humorist

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