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Palmeiras maintains five lead points in Brazil

Palmeiras now has 71 points, Flamengo with 66 and Inter, 65. The difference between the leader and the vice-leader is 5 points

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author: SÉRGIO CARVALHO – – – Campinas

Paraná (who has already fallen) frightened Palmeiras on Sunday afternoon, in Londrina, Paraná. He scored the first goal and threatened to win. But in the second half Scarpa equalized in penalties and defeated Verdão to 71 points, which gave him isolated leadership in the championship with five points advantage over the second place, which is Flamengo from Rio de Janeiro.

Mengão, by the way, won Sport in Recife, while Inter lost to America in BH. Thanks to these results, there was an inversion between Colorado Gaucho, who was second place and fell to third place (Mengão is now the runner-up).

Gustavo Scarpa, from the penalty point, won the Palmeiras equalization

Gustavo Scarpa, from the penalty point, won the Palmeiras equalization

Thanks to these results Palmeiras now has 71 points, Flamengo 66 and Inter, 65. The gap between the leader and the winner is still five points.

Taking this into account, Palmeiras can do the title party later this week, when they will have two matches in front of them.

The first will be on Wednesday at the Allianz Arena against América Mineiro. Theoretically a total favor of the Felipão team. On Sundays, the same Palmeir meets Vasco in Rio de Janeiro.

If you win one of the games or both, you can celebrate another Brazilian title before or this weekend. Of course, there are surprises in football, the so-called zebra, but I doubt that this will happen.

I have already said that in my opinion Palmeiras will be the champion of Brazil this year. It remains to determine who will be a vice if Mengão or Colorado. Meanwhile, Grêmio and São Paulo are struggling to see who will take the fourth place (the team that can achieve it will be classified in the group stage and the second will go to pre-Libertadores).

Gabigol scored the 17th goal

Gabigol scored the 17th goal

Tricolor Gaucho won against Chapecoense on Sunday afternoon in Porto Alegre at 2-0, and Sao Paulo won the Cruzeiro 1-0 at Morumbi. Honest results, because two tricolors played more than their opponents.

Santos, who also dreamed of reaching Libertadores, completely disappointed his fans by losing to América Mineiro 2: 1 in Belo Horizonte.

Time de Cuca returned to the game badly and proved that there is no team to achieve this goal. The Corinthians, who were threatened by a fall, defeated Vasco da Gama, Saturday at Itaquerão, 1-0, in a game of low technical quality, but with a lot of commitment from the team led by Jair Ventura.

It is good to remember that the match referee did not give a valid penalty to Vasco, who could end the match with an important draw outside the home. The judge hurt him!

C * U * R * T * A * S

* São Paulo was the last club he played in Brasileirão last weekend. He defeated and defeated Cruzeiro 1-0, another goal from Diego Souza in the 30th minute of the first half.

It was the twelfth tricolor goal of the striker and the hundredth of his career in the Brazilian Championships. Cruzeiro did not show much willingness to win.

He attacked a little, played slowly and dealt with defense more. He did not have any highlights except Fabio's goalkeeper who made good records. It was no fault for Tricolor.

* BETWEEN THE PERSONS who defended Tricolor from São Paulo, the most important point of the pair is Arboleda and Diego, who play when they play together, do not lose games with a T-shirt São Paulo.

Inside, Hudson's and Jucileia's helpful work. At the front, Diego Souza was the best, he was always assisted by veteran Nene, who returned to his best form.

The coach Mano Menezes has not teamed. He is hospitalized, with a dermatological problem that prevents him from traveling. In any case, it is a well-deserved break for the master of Brazil.

* PALMEIRAS did not play well against Paran. It was very much destroyed by the storm that fell on Londrina. A lot of rain, lots of wind, very wet and slippery lawn. You had to play with lots of applications and as far as possible until Palmeiras did a good game.

The draw was not what Felipão and his players wanted, but in those circumstances the team did well until they did a good job. It was Scarpa who even shot. Dudu was another attraction. In dribbling, Edu Dracaen played well. Goalkeeper Weverthon also shone during the game.

* VI GAME Santos in front of América Mineiro. The time was very bad. Disappointed in defense, not very creative in the middle field. The attack only lived from the flashes of Gabigan, who, incidentally, made Santist's goal. The young striker Santos, by the way, is the league's best scorer with 18 goals.

Nevertheless, they say that at the end of the season they will be negotiated. The Palmeirs made him an undeniable proposition and he seems to be leaving the torment. If this is true, it is unfortunate because Gabigol is one of the most effective players in the team. It will be a great loss.

* In my opinion, after the victory over Vasco da Gama, in Itaquerão, Saturday evening, 1-0, the Corinthians definitely avoided the inheritance. The victory was tense and unfair.

The referee did not finalize the penalty for Avelar over Marlone at the end of the game, which could lead the team to at least tie in 1: 1, which would be more fair for both teams on the field. Regardless, the truth is that Timon won, he scored three points he needed and he will not continue the A series in 2019.

* Alvinegro GOL was matched by Mateus Vital in the fourth minute of the second half. It was one of the few effective movements of the Corinthian attack. Vasco also had his chances, but their players made a lot of mistakes, and Cássio made good records to stop the opponent's goal.

Among the players who defended Corinthians in this match, Cássio stands out as usual, which remains at an exceptional stage. Vital, who scored the goal and was revealed by Vasco, also took off well, being the author of the decisive goal.


* ALL results of the thirty-fifth round of the series A. Vitória 1 x Atletico PR 2, Corinthians 1 x Vasco da Gama 0, Atletico MG 1 x Bahia 0. Paraná 1 x Palmeiras 1, América MG 2 x Santos 1, Botafogo 1 x Internacional 0 , Sport Recife 0 x Flamengo 1, São Paulo 1 x Cruzeiro 0 and Grêmio 2 x Chapecoense 0.

On the night of Monday at 20:00, Fluminense will face Ceará in Rio de Janeiro. Both teams need a victory because of the danger of falling. I believe a lot in Ceara, but Rio Tricolor will play at home.


* BRASILEIRÃO Series A has a sequel this week. This Wednesday is played by Internacional x Atletico MG, Santos x Botafogo (21 hours), Cruzeiro x Vitória, Atletico PR x Corinthians, in Curitiba (21h45), Flamengo Vs. Grêmio, Palmeiras Vs. América MG, at the Allianz Arena (21h45).

On Thursday, Vasco receives São Paulo in São Januário at 8:00 pm. Chapecoense confronts Sport, Bahia raises Fluminense, and Ceará confronts Paran. In these games I see Inter, Santos, Cruzeiro, Atletico PR, Palmeiras and Ceará as great favorites.


* BEFORE these matches the league classification looks as follows. Palmeiras is a leader with 71 points. Flamengo has 66. Internacional, 65; Grêmio and São Paulo, 62. Atlético MG, 53. Atlético PR, 50. Cruzeiro, 49. Botafogo, 47. Santos, 46. Bahia, 44. Corinthians, 43.

Fluminense, 41. Vasco da Gama, 39. Sport Recife and Ceará, 38. América MG and Chapecoense, 37. Vitória, 36. Paraná, 22. Grêmio and São Paulo from this round are already classified as Libertadores. All you need to do is determine who will be the fourth place. Atlético MG should take 6th place.


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