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November Blue alert for animals with prostate cancer in dogs and cats

Manaus – Prostate cancer does not choose race or size, so to fight the disease, the Baptist High School in Amazonas (Esbam) will take place on November 23 from 9am to 12 noon, in the third "Blue Pet of Esbam" November campaign, which aims keeping guidelines and assessments for pets, such as dogs and cats.

The campaign will count with screening and free physical examination of animals (Photo: Divulgação / Esbam)

The campaign focuses mainly on informing animal owners about prostate cancer and the importance of screening, because many people do not know about the subject, and thus do not take the necessary care of domestic animals. to avoid illness in old age.

The coordinator of the veterinary clinic (CliniVet) from Esbam, Professor Daniel José Hoffmann, warns about the importance of approach to the topic. He points out that although he is a much rarer type of cancer in pets than in humans, prostate cancer is still more frequently detected in dogs than in cats and mainly affects animals from seven to fifteen years of age. century.

"Although prostate cancer is not the most common prostate abnormality in pets, the prostate gland may develop several other diseases that are common, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostate cysts and prostate inflammatory processes. These animals have several different clinical symptoms, such as: abdominal pain, difficulty urinating / defecating, and changes in size and / or shape in the testes. Treatment can be done by castration, treatment or even surgical treatment, depending on the case, "explains the vet.

Hoffmann emphasizes that dog and cat owners need to be vigilant about prostate cancer, in addition to frequent tests that are of primary importance for early detection and treatment. "At CliniVet, we often see a need for veterinary care when the disease is already underway, with more pronounced clinical symptoms, which makes treatment and treatment difficult, which is why Esbam runs a" November Azul Pet "campaign to promote a better quality of pet life – said the vet.

Esbam's CliniVet Coordinator also explains that when animals are not castrated, the prostate can undergo hormonal modification and develop cancer. "As the age of the testicles begin to function irregularly, stimulating the prostate to increase in size and shape, as well as texture changes." Normally, dogs over eight years old who are not castrated, regardless of race or size, develop this disease, "says the veterinarian , noting that prostate cancer can be cured if it is detected early.

November Blue

On November 17, "Prostate Cancer World Day" is celebrated, which is why a month has been chosen for campaigns to prevent disease, including pets. In this sense, Esbam College, which was the first private institution of higher education (IES), which carried out a veterinary course to Manaus, carried out a campaign to prevent prostate cancer in pets.

"This is an Acbam Academic Extension extension project that is free for the community and aims to transfer the knowledge gathered in the classroom together with the teachers and pupils that will be passed on to those responsible for the pets, and the campaign provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and use all content in practice. gained in the classroom, because these types of events allow scientists to get in touch with the situations experienced in their daily lives, "explains the coordinator of the veterinary course, Professor José Allan Araújo.

The third campaign "November Blue Pet from Esbam" will count on the following activities: free physical screening and testing of animals, guidelines and gift giving, provision of information folders and free supplementary tests for suspicious cases.

"Once the disease is diagnosed, the animal will be handed over to the animal with an ultrasound scan and an x-ray of the animal responsible for imaging the other organs to check the possibility of metastasis." Thus, the animal owner will receive the necessary procedures to remove the tumor as soon as possible ", explains Jose Allan, who is also vet.

The "Esbam Pet Blue November" campaign is free and takes place at CliniVet Esbama, located at Rua Rodrigues Torres, 292, Conjunto Abílio Nery, Adrianópolis, south-central zone of Manaus. For more information, call: (92) 3305-1809.

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