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new game shows demonic fight with bosses

Hell to Prepare: Diablo IV players will need a lot of skills to eliminate demonic creatures, including giant monsters. The Web site Newsletter has unveiled a new game that highlights one of the special clashes: the Ashawa Plague Monster.

The sample emphasizes the importance of working as a team to overthrow the demon. While the witch uses magic to delay the enemy and apply status effects, the barbarian and Druid use other attacking skills to injure Ashawa.

Check out the game:

Classes Diablo IV

Blizzard described the details of the hitherto confirmed Diablo IV classes: Witch, Barbarian and Druid received video game highlights of their abilities. Everyone has a fighting style.

Check the description of each class:

  • The barbarian, known for his unmatched strength and mixed combat, uses a new and more powerful battle system – Armor – allowing you to quickly transport and switch between four different weapons at the same time.
  • The witch has her roots in Diablo II and uses the elements to expose her enemies, attributing them to sharp ice spears, electrifying them with lightning or falling meteorites from the sky.
  • Druid is a wild shapeshifter whose updated style of play enables them to fluidly transform between werewolf, bear and human form to release the cruel power of nature's rage over the forces of Hell.

For now, Diablo IV has no release date, but is confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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