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Netflix is ​​again facing Globo and will start mega production to achieve greater success

The Brotherhood's Dead (Photo: Aline Aruda / Netflix)

One more time, Netflix expands your business and lets you Globe are more and more concerned, because his role is "stolen". In fact, in the dramatic aspect, the radio station Carioca has always been a queen and dictated the rules, but the streaming service with a new, innovative and especially global language threatens Globe's rule.

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Actors who do not think to leave the station and go to the SBT or a record that have two specific niches, such as infantile and biblical, see Netflix as a way to participate in big and bold projects. It was then on Thursday, January 31, that a multinational company announced it would make another Brazilian series, this one will be called Brotherhood.

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In the cast, we will have Seu Jorge, Naruna Costa, Hermila Gudes and Lee Taylor according to the information from the portal UO. Already it appears in the synopsis of the series created by Pedro Morelli, set in the 1990s, this uncertainty tells the story of Christina (Naruna Costa), an honest and dedicated lawyer who finds that her missing brother, Edson (Seu Jorge), has been in jail for years and has led a criminal faction to supremacy. Trained by the police, she is forced to become an informer and work against her brother. Infiltrating the faction, she begins to question her own values ​​of law and justice and reveals one secret side of herself she has never known before.

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The name of this faction is the Brotherhood, a production that will feature eight dramatic episodes filled with uncertainty, actress Ermila Gudes will interpret Darlin, Edson's wife. Actor Lee Taylor will be Ivan's ambitious prisoner who will be part of the fiction and will join Christina. This series is not yet a debut date, but will be later this year.

On the other hand, the series is another production that is in full benefit The most beautiful thing who will show the Bosa Nova period. On January 25, pictures of the production with Maria Casadevall, Fernanda Vasconcelos, Leandro Lima and Mel Lisboa were released.

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Maria Casadevall and Netflix Good work
Maria Kasadevol at The most beautiful thing on Netflix (Photo: Reproduction / Netflix)

According to Netflix, the synopsis says: Set in the late 50s, Koisa Mais Linda follows the story of Maria Luisa (Maria Casadevall), a wealthy woman in Sao Paulo who moves to Rio de Janeiro to open a restaurant with her husband. On arrival, she discovers that he has left and escaped with all the money.

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Malu becomes desperate, but renews and starts a new dream in the middle of the city's energy that testifies to the appearance of Bossa Nova. On her journey, she has three amazing women: a childhood friend Ligia (Fernanda Vasconcelos), who has a wonderful voice; Adelia (Patti Deusus), valuable, fortified Carioca; and Ima (Mel Lisabon), a contemporary and independent writer. This production will also debut this year and has no scheduled date. Ever since the competition is more and more fierce not Rede Globo?

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