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Mutirão offers free exams and treatment for diabetics in Goiânia | Goiás


Doctors of various specialties and 120 academic volunteers will provide free care during the 3 diabetes missions that will take place on Wednesday morning (14) at the Goiás Eye Bank Foundation (Fubog) in Goiânia. Patients with the disease will be evaluated and tested, and even treated to limit the progression of the disease.

The event will take place from 8:00 to 12:00 in the Sector Jardim da Luz. According to the eye specialist Lucian Barbosa Carneiro, the coordinator of the event, in the first place will participate in a maximum of 1 thousand. People. He explains that the date was chosen for a special reason.

"November 14 is the World Diabetes Day, it's a month of diabetes, and we're doing things around the world to analyze cases and avoid complications," he said. G1.

An exam called "Fundo de Olho" will be held on site, which can examine the microcirculation of blood and check the changes in diabetes.

If the result does not indicate major changes, patients will only measure the pressure and will receive directions. However, if the indexes are much higher than recommended, more complicated exams will be performed at the event itself

"The eye is the only organ in which you can check the microcirculation, I can classify it if you have moderate or severe retinal damage, which can cause problems in other organs, such as the kidneys and heart," he explains.

In more severe cases, tests such as electrocardiogram, cholesterol and glycemia will be performed. In this case, patients will treat the retina.

"In the private network, this laser therapy costs about 1 thousand R $ for each application, it will be free, the patient will be a group session, and if others are needed, they will be scheduled to be done later," he notes.

In addition to the service, next to Fubog, health fairs will be created that are open to the community and where educational materials will be distributed.

Location: Fundação Banco de Olhos de Goiás (Fubog) – Rua Couto de Magalhães, No. 50, Jardim da Luz, Goiânia
Date and time: Wednesday (14), from 8 am to noon
Customer service: 1,000 patients with diabetes (in order of arrival)
Free entrance

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