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More shit! Samsung last year commercially with direct attack on LG OLED TVs

With above-average growth, the Smart TV market has become a favorite target of many smartphone manufacturers. However, it is undeniable that Samsung and LG are already traditional brands and are constantly struggling for segment dominance.

This "fight" has been going on in a healthy way, but recently South Korean companies have started to "think it's weird". Because Samsung sued LG accusing its fellow citizen of "slandering their TVs" using QLED panels.

Now, seeking to make a kind of "change", Samsung announced a advertising that has everything to dislike LG. That's because the video entitled "Why Do People Choose QLED TVs Over OLED?" Clearly quotes a competitor's device. Take a look below.

Samsung claims to be the world leader in the TV market for more than 13 years and has decided not to manufacture OLEDs for several reasons. To demonstrate this, the company decided to compare its QLED TV with competitor LG OLED. At South Korea's tests "prove" that:

QLED TVs have much brighter, richer, richer colors, better viewing angles, and have no problems with a frightened burner.

As we know, since it is a commercial, Samsung probably chose the best scenario for your phone to work better. In addition, many fans of the brand surprised the video, as South Korea is the undisputed leader in the production of OLED smartphones.

However, in a previous advertisement, LG even claimed that Samsung QLEDs were "clear LCD TVs". So, it seems that Samsung's response is likely to bring the business dispute directly to South Korean courts.

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