Thursday , September 24 2020

Money cards without consultation SPC / Serasa. Learn how to order!


Recently, on Federal Savings Bank started Simple box, intended for retirees and retirees National Institute of Social Security (INSS) under 75 years. The novelty works like a payroll debit card, ie. linked to the client's account. Negative have registrations approved automatically by Caixa, without consulting SPC or Serasa.

The service also applies to holders of no financial institution account. However, due to the type of shipment, the invoice deduction is deducted directly from the account in which the pensioner receives the benefit. Therefore, a pension or pension discount will have a margin of 5% of the total amount paid for insurance.

Among the advantages of the new card, the main sides are installment account options, annuity relief, points club, among others. Check out the main benefits of the Simple Cash Card for Pensioners and Pensioners at INSS.

Free consultation with the SOC and Serasa

As it is a payroll, there is no consultation with the SPC / Serasa Protection Agencies for new customer registration approval. In this way, retirees and retirees interested in the service can request it in a simple and uncomplicated way.

The exemption from credit analysis is due to the guarantee of payment of the invoice in the form of direct discount from the account of the INSS beneficiary. This allows the customer to pay extra attention when using the card for their purchase.

It is noteworthy that Caixa debt negatives may have difficulty applying for the card, and most of the time orders are canceled.

Zero annuity

There is no annual fee for Caixa Simples. The only service-related fee is card issuance, 15 USD. However, this amount can be deducted on the invoice in three installments of $ 5.

Consumers will only have to pay attention to costs, without having to worry about the usual bank fees, such as administration, loss or theft insurance, annuity, maintenance, etc.

Credit conversion

The customer can choose to convert up to 95% of the amount of credit limit available in cash into the account itself. The function must be enabled during the card acquisition process.

However, the interest rates on IOS + interest rates continue to be charged in cash. Fees begin to be charged from the date of the credit to the date of payment of the invoice.

Lower interest rates

The price charged for late payment of the invoice is only 2.85% per month. The value is well below what the financial market anticipates, with percentages reaching 14% per month.

How to order a simple cash card

Pensioners and pensioners of INSS under 75 years can purchase the Caixa Simples card. Interested parties should attend the nearby Caixa branch with the following documents:

  • WG;
  • CPF;
  • Benefit extract;
  • Proof of residence.

The request is made only in person. However, balance sheets, statements, invoices and other services can be tracked through the Cashier applications.

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