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Ministro anuncia ideias para baratear planos de saúde

The first egg of the Supplementary Consulate (CONSU), the deliberative coalition, has just convocated before re-entering the infralgational crisis – or rather, at least depending on Congress Nacional. The encoder is intended to be used as a standard and re-read the instructions directly to reduce the praticados value but the plan. The answer to the question about the minister of Saúde, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, is the discourse or discourse of the 24th Congress of the Associaç Asso Brasileira de Planos de Saúde (Abramge) and the 15th Congress of the Syndicate Nacional das Empresas de Odontologia de Grupo (Grupo) quinta-feira (22), em São Paulo.

The ministry only needs to take a few extra precise steps to rehabilitate the system. “At present, there is no way to allow individuals to access information that is basic, but basic in methodology. This is what the arithmetic methodology, economics and social essay may be about as formulas that will configure the individual to be contrarian, just like the contratante ”, assinalou Mandetta.

No event, destination, or destination will be set up privately by SUS, to prevent them from doing so in order to qualify for the rank and file of custos dos and treats. “Quando falamos de prevenção, the set of additional supplements that you can discuss in this series: how to plan and qualify individually and casually and casually for the purpose. Ou outro sistema qui lai lar de maneira muito intensa pela prevenção ”.

Ministério da Saúde

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