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Mileid Mikhail accuses Wesley Nemie and his family of producing false evidence

Mileid Mikhail accuses Wesley Nemie and his family of producing false evidence

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Mileid Michael said in a statement from her press office that Wesley Safado and his family presented false evidence Tuesday afternoon (24) after the two met at a court hearing where they could not reach a reconciliation agreement.

According to the statement, "the documents are not part of the process and have not been investigated, because in order to do so, the justice must possess the defendant's cell phone."

Mileyed also opposed Safado's claims that she was being investigated for leading or encouraging fake profile groups to attack the singer's family on social networks, revealing "a document proving she had no criminal or final lawsuits against her in the criminal. area. " In addition to saying "your lawyers are already taking the necessary steps".

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"Mileid Mikhail, with this remark, clarifies that the allegations made by Wesley Safado and Donna Bill on social networks on Tuesday afternoon (24) are groundless and false, with the sole purpose of tarnishing her image and discrediting her. Following a morning hearing today at the Club Blissilika Forum in Fortaleza, Wesley and his mother made public, through their Instagram accounts, to reveal details of the process and the audience attended by Tian Dantas and Mileid Mihail. , and to re-issue false claims about the case, both have violated the secrecy procedure and must respond to court.

Donna Bill presented the authenticated cassette documents and insisted on unjustified charges. According to Mileyed, the documents are not part of the process and have not been investigated, because for this justice must have the defendant's cell phone. After that, the company received a document proving that there were no criminal charges against her in the ongoing or finalized cases, namely nothing on her behalf, and her lawyers were already taking the necessary action. Mileid reiterates that he wants to do justice and is waiting for the end of the process with each new hearing. She goes with a clear conscience because she has no involvement in the false profiling of Wesley and the family attacks, but wants to withdraw for the criminal charges brought against her. "

Naughty pronounced

Earlier, the singer spoke and explained the reasons for denying the deal proposed by Mileid. “She made three requests. The first was that they would no longer talk. That's all we want most, to live in peace. The second point we could not respond to because it requires us to make a public note that it is not. has led or encouraged fake profile groups to attack my family on social media, and we can't do that because there is a justice investigation and that justice can tell if it has a fake profile. Its lawyers, which we also do not consider to be correct, because the one who opposes us in justice, therefore everyone must pay their own, "he said.

In Stories, Safado posted a series of videos to give details of the deal – see. "I'm looking to save as much as possible. Focus on my family, my career. My mother and wife were present to this audience. The little I see [dos fakes] It makes me very bad. I prefer to look, "he said." This was a very good time, because I had the opportunity to clarify different points for the judge, to talk about different points in the process. Many times things go public and unfortunately end up being distorted. I am sure that God's righteousness will prevail. "

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