Sunday , September 20 2020

Microsoft doesn't see PlayStation 5 as a "threat"


Microsoft CEO Aaron Greenberg said PlayStation 5 was not a "threat" to the Scarlett Project. The representative said that "the company is more customer focused than competitors".

In an interview with Kotaku, Greenberg was asked about the new generation of consoles. The executive referred to the issue of competition between Sony and Microsoft and said he was not too concerned about the "clash".

Not really [sobre estar preocupado com o PlayStation 5]. We are more focused on consumers. I think Sony has a great business, brand and strong presence. They have great enthusiasm for what they are building. We are also proud to have the most powerful console and our in-house study is growing. We will continue to innovate with different games – we will grow with Japanese developers […] Everything is fan based and dedicated to the maximum.

Competition against PlayStation 5 will be 'right'

On the other hand, Xbox chief Phil Spencer thinks it is necessary to compete "correctly" against PlayStation 5. He wants the new generation to start on the right foot and admitted that this was not the case with the launch of the Xbox One.

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