Friday , February 28 2020
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"Messi makes a difference, Icardi does not"

A Inter face it Lazio from Series A this week and lost the match from 1 to 0. But even without contacting the match, who returned to write the headlines was Mauro Icardi. The Argentine striker, who was recently returned after a long confusion, was left out of the match after coach Luciano Spaleti's decision.

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The coach had no owner Lautaro Martinez for the game and decided to climb Keita Balde instead of Icardi. After the defeat, the coach was asked about the decision, but made it clear that the Argentine will not change the game because "Messi makes a difference, not Icardi." "

"Messi makes a difference, not Icardi, with all due respect. Professionalism and self-esteem are everything," Spaleti said.

"Icardi should play, and if he continues to act, then he can return to the games." People say we are losing games without Icardi. Champions League four years with Icardi. Inter has lost the game worse than Icardi. "

Spaletti also made it clear that fans did not deserve the attacker's behavior, as no one should negotiate as much as he wore the shirt in the club.

"This mediation is humiliating for Inter fans and those who love Inter," said the coach. "Negotiating with someone just to put Inter's shirt on. Do I have to send 20 lawyers and ask them if I can call someone?"

The defeat left the fight for an open spot in the Champions League. Inter currently holds third place with 53 points, two more than fourth, Milan. Lazio came close to the match and reached 48 points, having a match less than their direct opponents.

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